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This is the RP journal of Bay's Barricade from the '07 movie, Transformers. His history is that he was an Autobot originally, but was lost trying to hold the fort while others escaped. The Decepticon Soundwave was able to hack his processors, turning him into a loyal Decepticon soldier, using Frenzy to maintain the hacked modules.

With Frenzy's demise, there is now a war in Barricade's processors as Prowl tries to resurface.

Character Name: Barricade | Prowl
Generation: Bayverse AU
Affiliation: Decepticon | Autobot
Alignment: Evil | Good


Reflex: 6 | 7
Strength: 6 | 6
Stamina: 6 | 7
Speed(s): mech: 4, jets: 0 (none), alt: 6


Weapons and special abilities: Twin missile launchers, spinning blade melee weapon, door shield, clawed hands and spiked feet | Twin missiles, vibro-knives, shield
Personality: Barricade is a liar, quiet until he explodes, and deeply paranoid. He tends to manifest a holo of Frenzy that he has no idea is just a holo that will guide him in his exploits. | Prowl is a calm, cool presence, working strategically at the frayed points of sanity in the 'Con.
Description: A Saleen police car, complete with vicious Decepticon decals and mottos, Barricade loves the look on human faces that catch on too late he is no friend or officer of the police. His hologram driver, when he bothers, just might look like Robert Patrick, aka the T-1000 of T2: Judgment Day. | Prowl's appearance remains to be seen, as he was lost on a deep mission, allowing the Twins and their team to escape, still in Cybertronian guise. Likely, though, he will merely modify the saleen to his aesthetic needs.

Note: Prowl is able to affect some of Barricade's actions directly, but it opens him to attack by the viral programming Soundwave laced Barricade's neural processors with. Mostly, he seeks to defeat this personality inflicted on his form by pushing its insanity further, hoping to crack the reprogramming and 'kill' Barricade once and for all so he can finally report in.
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